Wedding Flowers & Decorations

No wedding feels complete without flowers and decorations. No matter how simple the decorations are, they transform any special event into the party of your dreams, turning it into a magical one. Choosing the ideal flowers and décor for a wedding now requires much thought and planning. Before you go out and look for your wedding decorations, it could be a good idea to get a professional opinion on the matter. As wedding florists, creating extraordinary places that challenge expectations and leave a lasting impact is our obsession. Making events like yours memorable is the main goal of M&P Floral and Event Production.

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Room Drapery

Drapes are not simply suitable for windows. When strategically positioned, they bring a touch of luxury and refinement to any area. When planning a wedding reception, keep in mind that including drapes in your decorating ideas may improve the mood of the venue. Draping will beautifully create a wonderful mood on the walls, ceiling, and in rooms. You can transform any space into a stunning setting with the help of M&P Floral and Event Production specialists’ faultless creative draping. When paired with mood lighting, it will give any space a unique atmosphere. We carefully select the finest materials and mellow, warm lighting to go with the rest of your wedding decorations.

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Do you want a granted and well-planned wedding? Do you need someone to decorate your wedding? Make an appointment with M&P Floral and Event Production right away to talk about your original vision for the style and atmosphere of your wedding. We believe you’ll be delighted with what we can come up with and be able also to appreciate how friendly, nice, and welcoming we are to work with as a result.


Are you minded about a granted and well-planned wedding? Wedding planning is among the more difficult tasks to accomplish. In addition to everything you need to prepare, you also need to get ready for the wedding itself. Because of this, having a wedding planner to assist you is excellent. The perfect wedding lights may give your special day even more beauty. The M&P Floral and Event Production staff relies on qualified lighting specialists to decorate the space for the event, creating a unique and compelling display for you and your guests. It will not only create a suitable environment, but it will also make your guests feel at ease.

Endless Creativity

Your wedding’s flowers and décor are crucial investments since they determine the tone and aesthetic of the whole event. Hiring M&P Floral and Event Production entails employing a professional who specializes in event floral design, which is crucial since this professional skill will elevate your event to a new level. For instance, wedding flowers are extremely sentimental. It’s not a style that just about any florist can pull off. It is something that is meant for individualized service and a unique experience. You will always get the highest-quality goods, meticulous attention to detail, and creative designs, regardless of your budget.

Vinyl Floor Covering

Any dance floor may be given a fresh look with vinyl covers. Our covers are developed expressly for locations with high foot traffic, so you can rest easy knowing the surface beneath them won’t show through. Your event experience will be improved by a custom print on your floor covering. Your dance floor can be decorated with a unique design to provide a ton of amazing photo opportunities for your guests. For a beautiful finishing touch, include a monogram or initials in a design. M&P Floral and Event Production can be trusted to provide elegant dance floor covers and first-rate assistance while you plan your event.