Tips on buying Wedding Flowers

Flowers are known to add beauty and an essence of spiritual bliss on all important occasions of your life. So, their presence makes your occasion even more auspicious. When it comes to decorating with flowers, you have a vast variety to choose from. But remember, the right flower on the right occasion can make things look more beautiful all around you and help you receive some great compliments from your guests. 

Choosing flowers for an occasion can be a very confusing task, provided you know some basic facts about flowers and where to use them. 

  • Know your occasion and decide beforehand on the flowers you will want to use. Make a brief plan of which flowers are to be put where and how. This will help you in estimating the number of bouquets and garlands you will need to order at the florist. 
  • Flowers can add a lot of beauty to your room. So, you must know how to mix and match the color combinations of the flowers to brighten up your room in a tasteful manner. 
  • Know which flowers may cause allergies to your guests. You can avoid such flowers in bouquets. Lilies and Gardenias are known to cause the most allergies. 
  • If you are setting up flower decorations on a warm day, always use flowers which can withstand the warm weather, otherwise they will tend to wilt and sag soon. Orchids and roses are known to be tougher flowers and can withstand warm weather. 
  • Also keep in mind that some flowers tend to blacken in cold weather. You should avoid such flowers in the outdoors or bouquets. 
  • Flowers are not just about colors; they are also about fragrance. But some flowers like Freesia, Tuberose and Gardenias have a very strong fragrance and might smell unpleasant in closed rooms. So always use flowers with a pleasant and soothing fragrance when planning for indoors. You can use Orchids or Asters for these occasions. 
  • Also, the fragrance of flowers is stronger during warm weather. So, in order not to make your room smell like a perfume factory, use flowers with less fragrance. 
  •  Apart from garland and plain bouquets, there is much more you can do with flowers. You just need to be creative. For example, you can place bright flowers along with a candle or a show piece and string ribbons around them to give your entrance a better look. 
  • Be careful when dealing with Lilies and cut the stamens before carrying them with you. This is because the yellow pollen from the stamens can stain your dress yellow. 
  • Some beautiful flowers like Euphorbia and daffodils have hollow stems and their sap regularly drips from the stem. So, if you are presenting these flowers in a bouquet, always instruct the florist to wrap the stems carefully from beneath. 
  • Apart from the regular flowers, you can also opt for herbs and fruits in your decorations to give your room a contemporary theme.